Picture of the week: Eiffel Tower

To mark the 126th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower’s construction, Sebastian Lebrigand, a French photographer, took this wonderful picture.


Originally shared from Jornal do Ar.


Wednesday picture: Oman

Beautiful picture from Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman. Enjoy your Wednesday.



Picture of the day

Today we have choosen a picture that makes us feel full of energy. The photo was taken in Lisbon, Portugal. Enjoy:


Eclipse in pictures

Millions of people in the UK and northern Europe have glimpsed the best solar eclipse in years.

In a solar eclipse, a swathe of the Earth was plunged into darkness as the Moon comes between us and the Sun.

We’ve selected the best pictures, so far, from solar eclipse in some areas of Europe. Congrats to the authors. Roll over and enjoy:

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How concrete is this jungle? @DubaiMarina


Secrets of Dubai

Sunset at the top of Burj Khalifa. 828 meters, 200 floors. This pictures show us on 124 floor. 1653578_10203392799327063_485129346_n

Breathtaking fog

Although London is accustomed to heavy fogs, this one was denser and longer-lasting than any previous fog. Here is a picture taken by Foxy Media team. Great hã???










Check this link and see breathtaking pictures:


When the rain stops …


Colourful night


My wonderful night. Enjoy as I… we all need colour…

Smells like culture in London

One of the reasons I love this city, is the diversity of cultures, not only in terms of mixtures of countries and people, but also because here we find a variety of different tastes. I have said here before: in London, at each corner it’s possible to feel different emotions. Yesterday, on my way to work, I could carry me into the future and into the past. Here is a picture I took, so all of you can realize what I mean:


Isn’t this fantastic? We live modernity, but at the same time we don’t erase our traditions. Enjoy this wonderful life!