‘Instant Articles’ from Facebook. A step ahead…

Most of the people read their online news on Facebook. That’s not new on social media world and for sure will keep happen like that. This is the new Era. If you want to know more about the world, keep in touch with Facebook. Be connected. The social media giant knows what is your choice, and they realized they should get better. The next move from Facebook is to make the access to news articles even easier. They introducing the ‘Instant Articles’. This improvement will offer news organizations the chance to create interactive content that is much simpler and fast to read on Facebook via your mobile.

An improvement that could be really attractive to firms who wants to call attention of young audiences. For sure will make Facebook more powerful.

Firms like New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, National Geographic and much others are the ones who going to try this new service from the social network giant. Their articles will be hosted on Facebook’s servers, which means ‘Instant Articles’ will come up instantly. This means what? Now you don’t have to wait to follow a link and read the article.

Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, said to BBC ‘We think the most important thing here is speed. The obvious lesson we keep on learning is that on a mobile phone the most important thing is immediacy’.

BBC also reports that Facebook says it can take as long as eight seconds for a news article to load on a phone under the existing system. With the new system you don’t need to wait that long.

But some organisations are worried. They don’t want to lose readers who can’t to this. So it might be some firms will not proceed with this innovation from Facebook.  News organisations wants to know, in first place, if this new feature will improve their traffic. Facebook says it will, and says they will also get 100% of the revenue from any adverts that they have sold.

This could be a real deal for news firms as a recent study from Pew report, on the US media, found that nearly half of Americans who used the internet had got news about politics and government from the social network.

Here at Media Essence can’t wait to see the results.

Check the video:



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