Digital Marketing: NEO Marketing


Some people think that Digital Marketing is a fad, a trend. Well, it’s not. Digital Marketing, Social Media, Online Marketing are here to stay, to improve business, and for sure have changed the way we communicate. Social Media is one of the most powerful tools on the market, and inside each platform there’s obviously trends and fads. Each one of them, Facebook,  Twitter, Google+, Instagram and so on, have tendencies. They all are alternatives for businesses and consumers. If you intend to sell, do not understimate Search Engine Optimization. SEO is so important as you need to change your underwear  everyday. You need to be clean right? SEO as well.  You need to work every single day on your brand, on Search Engine Optimization, and keywords. You need to ‘wash’ your business because you don’t want to be ‘knock out’ by your competitors. They’re aware, and they know what to do to knock you down.

       Important: do not rely on one specific platform. Be everywhere. Be also on mobile.  Mobile dominates. Your business needs to work on mobile search, mobile optimization, mobile conversions,  and mobile ubiquity cannot be overstated. Mobile optimization is the new marketing era and should be the main priority of all marketers.

       This new marketing concept is growing in a way that not even the big companies, agencies and great marketers can understand the real phenomenon. The truth is: social provides an unique opportunity to improve conversion rates and gain new customers and new conversions channels. This is social conversion.

        What about PPC? Is it dying? Some say Yes. In fact we all pay for advertising spots. With PPC or not, believe us, you will pay. Whether you like it or not.  However  there’s other options for those who prefers the rising methods of organic/paid advertising, and to be entirely honest some brands are taking advantage on this. It’s a growing trend.

     Marketing Automationz: how important is this? All marketers knows this is one of the best ways to get closer to your clients, and it’s easier and affordable for all marketers. A few years ago only big companies and brands could afford this way of contact, but nowdays Marketing Automation is used by any business, whether you’re a big or a small company.

      Want to be on the top of the tops? Use content experts. Content creators are the most important segment of your matketing strategy. Hire the best of the best and you will become the best. Trust them your business, give them the power to be the voice of your company. Contents are your image, your voice, your legacy…


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