April Fool´s Day: Best pranks of all times

It´s April Fool´s Day which means it´s… a joke day. Advertisers love pulling April Fool´s jokes.  Here´s a list of the some top April Fool´s pranks pulled by adverstisers. One of the bests is from England: in 1957 the BBC’s Panorama TV show reported on a bumper spaghetti harvest. Many people called in asking where to buy spaghetti trees. Smart!

Our top list so far:

1996 – Taco Bell Buys The Liberty Bell

Seriously? Did you believe in this one?

2007 – Gmail Paper

Google is well known for playing pranks.  Nice one. Could be really expensive.

1998 – Burger King Introduces the Left-Handed Whopper

Ahahahah… no comments!

1996 – BMW Launches the Insect Deflector Screen

Why not? We all know how those bugs are annoying.

2009 – YouTube Flips

 YouTube decided to have some fun with people by flipping all the videos on the homepage upside down.





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