Social Media Election: Cameron X Milliband

This could be the first social media elections at all times. Last Thursday the duelling interview, between David Cameron and Ed Miliband for 2015 Elections, was an unique case in social media history. Hashtag #BattleForNumber10 was in the the top of Twitter’s list in UK and worldwide. By the end of the interview more than 260,000 points, twitters, likes, shares, memmes and opinions had been posted. This mean only one thing: this year UK elections will be in social media. More politicians and voters use social media, and of course political parties are taking this in consideration, and this is why they spending thousands of thousands on Facebook advertising.

Anyway, it’s a bit early to get any conclusions, but if comes like this means this could be a perfect way to get into voters. Twitter, for example, is one of the biggest platforms used in UK, which will make it easier to understand, in real time, what citizens want. In the other hand, Facebook is more popular in the world and will get a wider range of opinions.

An analysis of half a million tweets created by social media sentiment firm TheySay, realised that the Labour leader won by a small margin, with reaction to Miliband slightly positive and Cameron shading slightly negative.

The Twitter analysis contrasts with an early ICM opinion poll for the Guardian which suggested Cameron outclassed Miliband – 54% of of the 1,123 viewers surveyed saying they thought the PM “won”.

Check the trends of this year elections on this link:

UK Elections 2015 by TheySay


Raw Twitter volume as measured by TheySay



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