Brands traffic: Facebook Versus Instagram


During this year, 2015, and according to visual marketing platform Olapic,  Instagram is going to become the most powerful social media network. Olapic says that more brands are choosing Instagram over Facebook. According to the report, the frequency of brand posts on Instagram has increased 23% over the last five quarters with the average frequency of nine posts per week. Although brand posts on Facebook decreased. The average in 2013 was 11 posts per week. It’s now 8 posts per week.

“The report points to the decline of organic reach on Facebook as the biggest reason for this shifting focus. While attracting bigger audiences used to be a positive result for marketers, recent changes to the News Feed algorithm have restricted organic reach on Facebook, and according to Olapic, is especially punishing for brands with more than 500k followers.”
Also videos generates more comments on Instagram, and photos and stills generates 36% more likes.
“Not only do images generate more engagement but 65 of the best performing posts on Instagram displayed a product prominently.”

Here’s the full report:


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