A Bloody Campaign

10998361_1404902706483688_5541505564355975413_nIf you don’t know what is this Bloody Campaign, you’re about to know:

This is a women campaign, an audaciousness campaign, a courageous campaign. A Project that could change the women world. So if you are a woman, pay attention to this campaign.

You, women, who bleeds every month: Do you know that you pay taxes for the menstrual hygiene products? why? We all know this is a human condition.

Stop those taxes! This is the aim of this campaign. Stop the taxes added on menstrual hygiene produtcs. The campaign started a few weeks ago in UK. They want to send the petition to the UN and change the mentalities.

Those responsible for this campaign believes in a change, in a government mentality change. For example, in 2011 the Government of Kenya stated that the menstrual hygiene products should be tax free. The goal? Improve the quality of life of Kenyan women.

The major aim of this campaign is to make this example a world change.

So women, sign and share this campaign. Men, sign and share as well. Here’s the link to sign the petition:









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