The power of a Hashtag

what-the-hashtagHashtags became part of the digital space. Nowadays you can use them frequently in creative ways to promote events, ideas or products. Born initially with Twitter hashtags and became increasingly a common place on other social networks. Now you can use them on Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, and even on Facebook.

Hashtags allow anyone mostly with a Twitter or Instagram accounts takes part of a conversation, a group or topic. Magazines, newspapers, TV Shows, sports events are using the power of a hashtag. Honestly, a hashtag can be used to expose your company, to gain business or even individual friends, followers, likes, and so on.

Do not underestimate the power of a hashtag. #tag can be so serious on social media as you have to wash your teeth everyday and several times a day. We all know stories that has even helped spark political revolutions in some regions. The most recent story: #JeSuisCharlie leaves out all doubts.

The New York Times reported a study from Cornell researches which looked at a large cross section of tweets. They concluded that different types of hashtags are adopted in different ways. There stories that hashtags stays alive for several months or years. Others just die on the day they born. Why this happen? Depends on connections, on the structure, and on users size followers.

Now hashtag gained a new concept. In social media marketing the new term is now ‘viral’. Using a simple #hashtag is really powerful for your business: if you are a common user of hashtags you have noticed that people who doesn’t belong to your circles of friends, followers or likes can reach your project. Why? Because this is the real power. Everyone in the world can see what you write about your idea, your project, your business.

If you’re not using hashtags, please start to using it this very moment.

Click this link to know which Social Media Networks supports Hashtags (#WhoUsesHashtags) 


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