We have something to say about Fifty Shades Of Grey

       50ShadesofGreyCoverArtMediaessenceblog.com has something to say about one of the most  popular movies of the last years. The opinions are controversy: some say it  was fantastic. Others say it was one of those movies to forget.

       Well, we read the book and now we saw the movie. They’re both ok. So  far so good. The question is: is this a marketing campaign to tag this  movie as the worst ever? Or the most talked movie in cinema industry… in a  bad way, of course? Because, if it is… It’s working perfectly.

       Let’s see: the best critics of cinema are all talking about 50 Shades of  Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey made, so far, a bunch of money… and that’s okay.  All moviegoers have paid the price of a ticket. It seems that no one was  waiting eagerly for this film… but everyone saw it? Moviegoers gave to this  movie a C+ Cinemascore rating. So “Shades” is a huge failure.

      Another idea comes to our mind: this could be a great work of social media. Let’s see: bad or good, everyone is talking about it… and movie sales are awesome. Like we said before: bunch of money!

      So all we have to say is: What a great work from Social Media Managers of #FiftyShadesofGrey and all the marketing team. You did a great job! The movie is viral.

Check the trailer here:


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