Facebook@Work: will be effective?


News on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has worked hard and released a new app on FB. Facebook at Work will help businesses create their own social networks between their employees. FB@Work works exactly like Facebook, but only for companies and their workers. If you want to discuss ideas, projects or even a thought… you can share with your co-workers. So far so good, and we really enjoy this idea.

Facebook At Work is available for download on IOS and Androids. For now is usable via a limited pilot to start with, but soon will be live for everyone.

Looks like a bit of Linkedin. Well. In fact Linkedin is the app that Facebook wants to beat. But this is also a head-to-head with Microsoft’s Yammer, Slack, Convo, Socialcasts and so on.

So almost there Facebookers at work… for now it’s beta, but we do believe will go live very soon. And what’s the aim? Simple. The idea is to get employees to collaborate more with each other.

We can’t wait to see the results as we have loads of ideas to share with each other!


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