Feeling wicked after Wicked? #WickedUK

Wicked-Wallpaper-wicked-2669689-1024-768Have to admit this musical was impressive. This is a show to remember, to live again.

From the beginning  till the end, the combination of lights, all the scenario, the characterization of the performers, the whole wardrobe, the performance of each one of those actors, the voices, the story … every scene makes us with this weird desire to climb that stage and join in one of the best musicals of the last decade. With over 90 international awards, all recognition of the biggest critics of the world of showbiz and all the positive comments from the press is well deserved and well earned. After this great show,  I feel Wicked and willing to watch again. Two and a half hour show, and not only for a moment felt tired. Thank you to all the performers for this marvelous moment I had at the Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Feeling Wicked? Go see it ..


2 thoughts on “Feeling wicked after Wicked? #WickedUK

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