Testimonials: How Social Media changed your life?

Here are some testimonials about a topic I published about a week ago. I found it extremely interesting, so I decided to share:

Forrest Hartman • I don’t know that social media has changed my life, just a few habits. I find that I get caught up in online debates more nowadays, but I often resist this because it’s a time suck that ultimately seems to have little value. I am not anti-social media by any means, but I honestly believe that people place too much value on it. If I read something interesting on social media, I almost always go to traditional media to verify it because there is a lot of false information floating around on Facebook, Twitter and the like.”

Marco Roque • Social Media has changed some of the communication processes in my life. The Internet is now the place to meet friends and make new contacts. Social Media websites are now the focus point when it comes to asking for opinions, discussing subjects and (sometimes) venting frustrations.Like you Catarina, I am hoping that Social Media opens some doors that would otherwise be locked. Best of luck to you.”

Dennis Bergendorf • I have no doubt that social media is great for the social aspect. You don’t have to go to bars to “converse” with folks. And certain revolutionary movements can benefit, especially in places like Egypt,where the news is rigidly controlled. But whether it’ll supplant traditional media for creating demand for books, etc., is highly problematic.”

Lucy Woods • Social media has drastically changed my life – being a student journalist it has opened up an amazing wealth of contacts and possibilities for stories and interviews that would be almost impossible without it. It has also given me the platform to create a readership bass and get priceless feedback on my work – this has enabled me to improve and become better much quicker.”

Dennis Bergendorf • I find it interesting that social media has changed my life very little–and that it’s changed the lives of my grandchildren very little. I’m too old to embrace the frivolity of social media, and my grandchildren have no knowledge of a world without it. Hence, neither their lives nor mine have really been changed.”

Kaihu Chen • For me it is a mixed bag. I do not relish the idea of publishing my personal life to the whole world so in that aspect social media is useless to me. On the flip side being able to follow my friends and family regarding life events such as new babies or weddings is great. On the professional side social media has changed my life completely. To start with, social media is my line of work since I am an social media entrepreneur working on a next-generation social platform with community pin-board and real-time everything. And secondly social networks such as LinkedIn has allowed me to connect with people or organizations vital to my business. I am now able to reach my target audience such as media publishers, sports organizations, professional bloggers, marketeers, etc., with ease. Without LinkedIn it would have required a great deal more effort/cost to achieve the same.”

Forrest Hartman • As to the ongoing discussion, I would argue that the fact that someone uses or doesn’t use social media has nothing to do with its frivolity. Many frivolous things are insanely popular. To be sure, social media has had an impact on the world as a whole. The Arab Spring has already entered the discussion. It has also, arguably, had many negative impacts. I’ve had journalism students who tell me their first point of contact for most news is Facebook. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. But it’s a terrible thing if those same students do not then seek out more in depth reporting. One can find a lot of good information via social media, but one can find just as much bad information. More and more, I am seeing traditional media reporters quote Facebook and Twitter posts. This is a negative trend indeed because it is nothing like quoting a truly identifiable source. It’s one thing to quote a politician or celebrity who is standing in front of you. It’s another to quote a post to one of their social media accounts when there is no way to verify who actually made the post. Earlier, I said that social media has had little impact on my life. Thinking about it further, that’s not true. The pressure of social media and it’s proliferation of so-called “citizen journalists” has made the traditional media less lucrative and thus resulted in lower pay and lower standards in mainstream journalism. In the West, where a free press and free flow of ideas has been long valued, I see this as a negative thing overall. In areas where information has long been suppressed, it is an unquestioned positive. All of that said, I think it’s important to remember that the media form itself — whether it be social media TV or whatever — is neither good nor bad. The way that media outlet is used is the key. In my mind, it is not being used in the most productive manner in the US. There is good information available but there is also so much noise that it is as difficult as ever — perhaps even more difficult — to find accurate information. On the other hand, the bogus stuff is more freely available than ever before.”

Beatrice Baiden • Social media I think has changed my life in a lot of ways and that of a lot of Ghanaians. Now, we have people acting as amateur journalists who film issues around and send to media houses, when there’s no media at the time of the occurrence. It’s also a free market of ideas as people have the freedom to go online and voice their concerns on issues arising in the country”

Dennis Bergendorf • Marco, You made me do a bit of thinkin’. I’ve been on about three other forums for years now. All are dedicated to professionals (or wannabees) in their respective fields. We discuss some rather arcane subjects. I’ve never considered them (or this forum) social media. But perhaps, I should be doing just that.Except, it points out the fact that we do categorize and label most everything these days, and sometimes lump some disparate activities together. Are professional discussion boards the same thing as my 12 grandkids tweeting OMG and BFF and “liking” every pop star that comes along? As a writer, I would undoubtedly be better off if I followed the Tweets of the people I cover. It’s just that I have little desire to wade through a whole bunch of crap to get to the meat.”

David Mello • Social media has helped me be more well-known for my news articles on the internet and as a fan. It’s also helped me feel more close to famous people on the internet…and even led to meeting some of them for interviews.”



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