Brazil (Social Media) World Cup

I have to admit. I’m eager to see Brazil World Cup. Well let’s face it, I’m not a big fan of football, I’m anxious because I am a humongous fan of social media, and I know this huge event will have a lot of shares in all social media. Is still 16 months away from 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but the ‘game’ already started in ‘fields’ of social media. So, FIFA already has the YouTube channel on air. On FIFA TV ( You can see features and action from past World Cups. The YouTube channel will show documenting preparations for the 2014 tournament, stream live media events, and recap international games. Brazil’s national tourism board already launched a mobile game app. The idea is to help the visitors to familiarize with the 12 cities that will host World Cup matches. So Brasil Quest is free, and you can download it.

Of course, they are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and so many others social networks, and so many others apps… and thousands of thousands of people sharing.

I’m sure We’ll have good news in this area in next months, and certainty this going to be the big test for the Olympics Games in 2016. It will be extremely interesting to see the digital advances over the next five years.

Do you want to ‘play’ this ‘game’? In this social media ‘match’, what do you think is going to change in next five years? Tell me your thoughts…



4 thoughts on “Brazil (Social Media) World Cup

  1. Alexandrea_of_AnywherePad says:

    People are ignoring Google Plus now, but I have a feeling it’s just biding its time. I don’t think it’ll go away soon, not with SEO on its side.

    Facebook is starting to get cluttered. It’s showing signs of MySpace at this point, but it can still maintain its top post if it doesn’t get too complicated.

    Twitter is simple enough to stick around for a long time, I think.


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