How Social Media changed your life?

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now: How social media changed your life, your ‘world’? For many years,  I was a journalist, and despite being accustomed to dealing with the internet for several professional reasons, and I never thought to give myself to this world, as I surrendered. Since four years ago, and since I was Press Officer of a political party, I realized how the social networks could be a “bomb” marketing, and believe me, I explored this technic for political reasons, and worked so well (I will release some of political technics in social media one of these days). I fell in love for this ‘world’, this new profession, and I have no doubt this is the future and the future of the future. In fact, I do not believe the newspapers will “die”, televisions and radios will not “die” also, but surely we can declare: “open war”. Journalists, bloggers, social media … This “Communication War” will cause to much conversation. But it worth it? In my opinion,  I think we all have to adjust. As a media professional, I adapted. This field is fantastic due to the constant evolution…

… And now I’m here blogging with you and sharing my publication with the world.

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