Dear Communicators, Facebook is changing

If you are Social Media professional, you better get ready. Facebook will change. This Thursday the company will reveal multiple news feeds. So dearest Social Media,  this could change the way you promote your brand or company.

TechCrunch says that Facebook is planning to establish “multiple fees and larger images in posts by users, pages, and ads”.

TechCrunch believes if the new look works, “it could get us spending more hours on Facebook and seeing more, and intense ads”.

So it is expected that Facebook roll out a feed dedicated just to images (with Instagram included) and a feed music. The speculation continues and it’s believed that Facebook could roll out a stream for news (real news). The idea here is to face Twitter.

There’s more. Looks like Facebook will unveil a video platform for users, and is expected this could be for brands later.

Will this changes affect the way you communicate? Will you change your social media strategies on Facebook?



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