What if there is no electricity in the world?

I am an avid movie goer. I love the world of cinema. I’m that kind of person who gets “nail biting” when watches an exciting movie. Since I came to London that I live without TV, and has now gone three months. Believe me, for a person addicted to news, information, television, series and movies, this is undoubtedly a significant change.  In fact, I adapted. Actually, computers are miracles and the internet is the greatest of these miracles. I finally started to see all the movies I wanted to see, and I returned to movie theatres.  So, I found myself thinking about how life would be without lights, no internet, no phones … And as my passion for film and television is always on, I found myself watching a series that goes against my thoughts. Surely most of you have seen it. In fact,  the show is already on air since 2012.

(R) EVOLUTION.  Do you know it? This is the name of the series that has made me ‘glued’ to the screen. I mean my Netbook screen. The real reason? There is a splendid story behind the cast.

(R) Evolution is a series that shows how the world can survive without electricity. Every Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, computer, every mobile, television, microwave, google, worldwide internet cease to exist. The economy goes completely down, and suddenly everyone is unknown. Magazines, newspapers, radios or televisions simply don’t exist to identify who are the famous or who are the wealthy. Governments cease to exist, and nothing can be controlled. 15 years later of an instantaneous global shutdown (known as the Blackout) the world continues to live by candlelight. The reasons for the fight are the same as today: oil and electricity.

Great series!

What if?



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