Online Christmas and Boxing Day Boom

Looks like this year Christmas was lived online.  Stats from Experian Hitwise shows us that Christmas is no longer traditional. And guess what?! Boxing Day was the busiest day ever for ecommerce in the UK.  So, the report says that consumers make 84m visits to retails websites on Christmas Ebe and 107m visits on Christmas Day. The numbers increase 86% compared to 2011 with 71%. Amazon and eBay was the most visited ecommerce sites.

However Boxing Day was the Big Day. In fact it was the busiest day ever for online retail. UK consumers spent 14m hours online and made 113m visits to online sites.

Boxing Day Boom.


9 thoughts on “Online Christmas and Boxing Day Boom

    • Catarina Faria says:

      Based in my experience: read, read, read a lot of english books, articles, newspapers. Write, write, write. You are allowed to make mistakes. We all do. You will get better. Don’t give up.


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