It’s all about art… it’s all about culture

Why do I love this city? Because everything is different. It is true that here the “world” is different, the culture, the art that they “forces you to breathe,” the multiculturalism,  the excessive delicacy, this British accent. This country has so much paperwork and rules that must be fulfilled to the letter.  But here we breathe art. Everywhere we go our gaze takes us to different worlds.  Sometimes I turn the corner and  looks like I´m living the crazy ’20s, in the other corner I am in XXI century and sometimes looks like I´m in Muslim lands, and I swear sometimes I think I´m living in India.

Yesterday I found myself at a party with a “smell” of the Germans.  I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and the themes here looks as we were in Oktober Fest. This is a crazy place. First off all because it’s freezing and secondly there are no crises here. For me,  this is impressive. In fact, I´m not use to it. In Portugal,  we breathe crises at every hour, every corner, everybody talks about that.

The only problem here is… cold and dark. At 4pm it is already evening, temperatures are around 4 degrees. Still thousands of people headed to Hyde Park to participate in the Winter Wonderland. Any business works in this Festival. Not only in here … In any corner of this city,  a company has future. That’s for sure. That same festival I noticed a man who was carrying a sign that said “keep left”. This person even has a fancy name: “visitor management”. Oh yeahhh… there in Portugal nobody tells you where you should walk … But I assure you that if they said maybe we were a little more educated and who knows maybe we let go of the “bumping”. Do not get me wrong, I love my country, I love the city I born (Viseu), I love the city I live (Lisbon), but we actually need some guidance.

Now I leave you this little sample of a street dedicated to graffiti. You can paint, you can do art here, and it’s pretty making this kind of art. Yes, it is a form of art. The photo is of my own (I will eventually reveal details of my immense passion: photography).

It’s all about culture …

Enjoy …


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