Virtual Obama

Barack Obama birthed the Social Media Manager. Well maybe his have not given rise, but surely boosted this profession. In fact,  it was with Obama campaign in 2008 that the world began to “click”. The “clicks” multiplied by “likes”, went to “shares”,  “retweets” and so on.

Barack Obama was the first politician to make known his life in social networks. The immediate, the speed and the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social network has the ability to achieve quick and effective responses. The truth is that Obama and his advisers did not have to wait for certain hours of news, for newspapers in the day after or simply by a phone call from a journalist asking for feedback on a “bomb”. Obama entered the virtual world and knew exactly what his electors thought of himself. The reactions in social networks to any news could be faster than the journalists themselves.

In 2008, Obama and his team have made history in the virtual world. In 2012 also make history. The victory was not only this “virtual” politician, the victory was also of Social Media. In fact,  Obama broke two records:

– On the day of victory, the re-elected President of the United States published a picture of her embracing his wife Michelle. He just used  three words to describe it: “Four more years.” A gesture that earned him 3.926, 561 Likes. This means this is the picture with more “likes” in the history of Facebook;

– Obama does not stop there and used the same image and the same expression on Twitter. The publication hits another record and gets 778.065 retweets. This time he beat  Justin Bieber who until now held the lead on Twitter.

And the winner is? I mean, the winners are: Obama, Facebook and Twitter …

In my humble opinion,  the Social Media ascend the podium once again. The modern Era belongs to the Lords of web. No surprise that increasingly the media critics talks about the “dead” of newspapers.

But there is a crucial question: are social networks a trusted source for journalists?



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